Dutch Junior Open Squash Day1!
Dutch Junior Open Squash Day1!

Dutch Junior Open Squash Day1!


In a thrilling match, Daley Hoevenaars unfortunately lost a nail-biting contest 3-2 against Hashim Al Nayal. Despite his efforts, Noah Wiersma, seeded 5/8, was defeated in the first round by Nolan Davant Millasseau, seeded 17/32. Jenson Meijer showed promise by winning the qualifiers, but then fell to the formidable Zachary Yu, who was seeded ¾.

The tournament saw a major upset when the second seed, Lukas Daly, was ousted in four exciting games by Ahmed Elbadrawy.


Elsie Griffiths, seeded 9/16, pulled off a remarkable victory by winning in four sets against the higher-seeded Francesca Sutton, who was seeded 5/8. Not far behind, Aradhana Singh, also seeded 9/16, showcased her determination and skill by clinching a five-set thriller against Lea-Sophie Gsell, another 5/8 seed.

These impressive performances by the lower-seeded players have added an exciting twist to the tournament, proving that anything can happen on the court.


In a tough start to the tournament, Amin Askar, Joris Willems, Zack Begemann, Milan Wiersma, and Don-Xavie Kotzebue unfortunately lost their first-round matches 3-0. Despite their efforts, the competition proved to be fierce.

On a brighter note, Pieter Elsemulder put on a strong performance to win his first-round match. However, his journey was cut short when he faced the formidable American player, Lars Daly, seeded 5/8, who proved to be just a bit too strong.

The tournament continues to surprise and excite, with every match bringing new challenges and showcasing the players’ determination.


In a major upset, Sakshi Mathur, seeded 17/32 in the qualifiers, stunned everyone with a commanding 3-0 victory over the top-seeded Naomi Wiegenfeld. The crowd was left in awe as Mathur’s impressive performance shook up the tournament.

Unfortunately, Dae Aartsen couldn’t advance past her qualification match. Lara also faced a tough challenge in her first-round match, losing 3-0 to the talented French player Stella Agbomson.


Sascha Steps and Max Bernsten had a bye in the first round, giving them a chance to observe the competition. However, in the second round, their opponents proved just too strong, and both lost 3-0.

Faber de Koning, on the other hand, had an exhilarating start, winning his first match in a thrilling five-setter. Unfortunately, his momentum was halted when he faced the 5/8 seed, Mateusz Lohmann, who defeated him 3-0.


Hana Al Nayal faced a tough match against Anna Isrealov, losing in four games. However, she bounced back brilliantly, winning a thrilling five-game match against Andréa Elmayan. Elcke Mols, who had a bye in the first round, breezed through her second-round match with a comfortable victory over the lower-seeded Maya Fetisova.

Aimee Origel Koers had a challenging start, losing her first match 3-0. She then played an exciting four-setter against Liesel Stitch, but despite her best efforts, she unfortunately came up short.


Yago Origel Koers faced a tough first-round match, ultimately losing to the American Rohan Gupta. Quinten van Es started strong with a convincing first-round win, but then encountered Aariz Ahmed and lost 3-0. Tobias Harris also faced a challenging opponent, losing his first-round match to the higher-seeded Cailean Mcalpine.

Unfortunately, it was a similar story for Jesper Hempenius, who lost his first-round match 3-0. Samuel Kamphuys, Claude Kempff, Evan Morris, and Freek Bonnema all faced the same fate, each losing their first-round matches 3-0.

The tournament has proven to be tough, but the players are showing resilience and determination, making for an exciting and unpredictable competition.


Armitit Ghoroghchian faced a challenging match against the American Zoe Brisman, unfortunately losing 3-0. Karlijn also had a tough start, losing her first-round match. However, with a bye in the next round, she will be ready to play her second match tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the top-seeded Savannah Moxham cruised effortlessly into the quarterfinals, showcasing her skill and determination.


Bram van den Akker put up a strong fight but ultimately lost his second-round match in four sets to England’s Matthew Hartley. Rishi Ramnathsing started his campaign with a convincing first-round win, but in the second round, he was bested by the higher-seeded Finn-Lennart Koch.

Robert Lindner advanced to the fourth round after receiving a bye and defeating the Dutch-speaking Canadian, Jens Bolder. Mattias Brinker faced a tough opponent Vamadees Mohammad Shamil Khan and lost in a four-set battle.

Bram van Bemmel won his first match but faced fellow countryman Victor Santos De Freitas in the second round. Victor proved to be a tough opponent, winning 3-0. Meanwhile, the second-seeded Guido Lindner faced a bit of a challenge in his second-round match against Mathias Bezandry but came through with a 3-1 victory.


Coco de Koning triumphed over Esme Adelman in the qualifiers. In her next match, she faced the top-seeded player and unfortunately lost 3-0. Meanwhile, Renske Huntelaar had a smooth run, winning both of her matches convincingly and securing her spot in the quarterfinals.

One of the biggest upsets in the GU19 category was Alexandra Stoddard’s victory over the second-seeded Robyn Mcalpine, who was seeded 9/16. This unexpected result has shaken up the tournament and highlighted Stoddard’s impressive performance.